If you are looking for a marketing department to manage your online activities, you have come to the right place. Digz is the brainchild of Taye Newman who has the skills to create a unified online marketing program at an affordable price. Support multiple digital marketing areas such as website builds, SEO, inbound marketing, content marketing, content curation, social visibility, digital lead generation and the like. Experienced at working with in-house marketing departments, freelancers and offshore talent. Taye is a valuable marketing resource who always works in the best interests of the client.

Below is a cheat sheet to give you some insight into working with Taye Newman. Think of this as a user’s manual to let you know her values, expectations and priorities. This info may come in handy in your dealings with her. It should save you some time figuring out how she works and behaves.

Blueprint to Taye Newman and Her Quirks

Quirk: Noun – a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism. She is full of strange quirks. A peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible.

I Value Quality

I enjoy working with people who have high personal standards and “good enough” is never good enough until it is awesome! I appreciate team members who are talented, skilled and masters of their craft. Love working with people who are able to embrace and adapt to change in the ever-updating world of tech.

I Value Speed 

I enjoy working with people who commit to a timeline and can be depended on to turn around deliverables by deadline. I prefer to work with team members who get that quality is not sacrificed for speed. I appreciate those that consistently deliver on time – even if that means they need to harder to make it happen.

I Value Talent 

I enjoy with talented team members that are passionate about the work. I appreciate working with people who are constant innovators, always developing and refining their skills to see how much more room there is to grow. Appreciate working on virtual teams assembled to tap into global talent. 

Taye Newman“I value quality more than any other item. Quality of the product and campaigns delivered and quality of the character of the people I work with”. – Taye Newman

I’ll Help You Be All You Can Be

I get a huge amount of personal satisfaction from helping my Client’s grow their business and from helping team members craft awesome projects as well as grow and improve their skills. I appreciate detailed briefs with realistic objectives and budgets that make awesome deliverables possible.

Taye Newman
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digz Marketing Inc.