Digz Marketing

A digital marketing company based in Oakville, Ontario

Who We Are


Founded by Taye Newman in 2010. Digz is a virtual digital marketing company that develops websites and deploys online marketing campaigns.

Taye started Digz offering email and social to small business. It wasn't long before Digz caught the attention of industry online experts. Working together, Digz now taps into some of the best digital marketing talent in the industry to execute projects ~ website dev, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and online advertising campaigns.


Campaigns are executed by local and global virtual marketing talent. Team members include dedicated account reps at Google, Facebook, Constant Contact and Hootsuite as well as freelance designers and developers. We believe in using the latest technigues in technology and innovation to build effective campaigns.

Contact Taye Newman to discuss your marketing challenges. The Digz team will work with you to develop and execute effective online products and marketing campaigns.



We build responsive, marketing-ready websites. Complete with analytics, email capture, webmaster tools and optimized for search and conversion. Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify, HTML5 and CSS3

Web Content

We create strategic content that appeals to your target market. Website articles, blog posts, graphics and video content. All content is designed to be easily shared on social media channels and drive traffic back to your site.


Optimized websites to attract search engines. Keyword and phrase analysis, content revisions. Meta tags, titles, desciptions, and alt tags to attract search. Landing page analysis and optimization. Clear calls to action and content that converts. Ongoing testing.

Email Marketing

Provide both email newsletters and automated email response campaigns to connect with your existing customer base. 2013 CTCT All Star Award recipient with email marketing results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact's international customer base.

Social Content

We provide original creative as well as curated content to share on social media channels. We develop and schedule monthly calendars for each social account. Also able to build networks, monitor campaigns, engage and escalate as needed.

Command Center

We use a social media command center to manage all aspects of social campaigns. We are able to listen and search for potential lead generation activity, measure campaign results and test new concepts.


"Working with Taye was always a pleasure! In marketing, its all about the execution and Taye executes with precision, speed and finesse. Her knowledge in the marketing space is broad and includes a strong tactical arsenal and understanding of strategic development. Would highly recommend working with Taye, and would happily do so again in the future! ~ Hana Abaza, Director of Marketing at Uberflip (via LinkedIn)"

"With pleasure I recommend Taye Newman. At first glance, it is clear that Taye is both creative and technically adept, but also I have found her to be a marketing wiz. Taye has excellent communication skills and the knack for taking my not-so-well thought out vision – and put it all together in a simple and dynamic form! As a team member, Taye has been instrumental to the building of our company from a one store location, quickly to three. She is especially savvy with marketing through social media and weekly, has new ideas. Her enthusiasm is contagious. And – I really like her!" ~ Elaine Martin, From The Potting Shed

"I really like working with Taye. I have hired on her several occasions and referred her to other small businesses as well. Taye manages her projects efficiently and within budget. Great with social media, content marketing and building basic websites, she's also not afraid to take on and learn new tasks when needed. She's a great communicator, highly organized project manager and skilled marketer. I will use Taye again as soon as the opportunity arises."~ Andrea Lown, CEO of SmartBrideBoutique.com, Partner at Digital Coconut Inc, Co-Author of Rose + Gully Travel Guides (via LinkedIn)

Highly recommend Taye, great work ethic and superb people skills. ~ Barry Stringer, Writer

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